Fraud Alert Statement

  • Jubilant does not contact candidates for employment via instant messaging, chat rooms, or text message
  • If you are contacted for an interview, we will correspond via telephone or a;;;; or email address. Do not trust email addresses ending in "gmail", "yahoo" or other public domains
  • Jubilant does not interview candidates online using Google Hangout, AOL Instant Messenger or any other chat service, for work-from-home positions
  • Jubilant will not mail, electronically send, or wire any payments to prospective job candidates for them to purchase equipment for employment
  • Jubilant will never require candidates to send money in exchange for, or as a condition of employment

If you have questions or have been contacted for a phone screen, please call us directly at:

Facility contact details:

Montreal Office: 514-694-8220

Salisbury Office: 410-860-8500

Spokane Office: 509-489-5656

Yardley Office: 215-550-2810

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