Ophthalmic & Otic

Opthalmic & Otic

Our Montreal facility can fulfill your contract manufacturing needs to bring sterile ophthalmic and otic products to market. The facility offers:

  • High speed opthalmic and otic solution line
  • CIP / SIP System
  • Inert Gas Blanketing
  • 2-10mL Fill – Bottles
  • 2-5g - Tubes
Sterile Dosage Form Format
Ophthalmic & Otic Solutions and Emulsions Bottles - Dropper Tip Bottles
Ointments Tube Filling in Plastic and Laminate Tubes

Sterile Ointment Filling Line

The Montreal facility offers a sterile ointment filling suite in the sterile filling area. Manufacturing is performed in a pressurized vessel located in the aseptic core.

  • CIP and SIP of Manufacturing Vessel
  • Range of fill weights from 2.4 – 4.5g
  • Sterile powder addition under RABS
  • Robotic tube loading into filling area
  • Maximum batch size - 240kg

Sterile Bottle Filling Line

  • ROTA Filler
  • Batch Sizes up to 400 Liters
  • 5, 10ml Round Bottles
  • Fill: 2 to 10ml