A Homegrown Project Management Approach

JHS investments in people and technology set us apart – and this investment is incredibly evident in our project management team. The average tenure of this department at JHS is 13 years, with each individual averaging 5 years of floor experience at our site. This homegrown approach results in a team who can holistically envision your project from start to finish.

At JHS, we utilize a four-step strategy to guarantee a successful tech transfer for our clients: pre-transfer evaluation, a technology transfer plan, engineering and developing batches, and clinical trial product and registration batches. By adhering to a structured strategy while providing customizable solutions to our partners, JHS ensures a positive and repeatable strategy for each individual project.

We believe that effective project management creates and executes a plan that meets the client’s needs, while making it possible for all stakeholders to understand the issues and goals of the transfer.

Strengths of Jubilant HollisterStier in Scale-Up and Tech Transfer


JHS employees are highly experienced technical and project management professionals with the skill and talent to execute innovative solutions with rapid turnaround to meet client needs.


JHS prides itself on providing a customer-focused, full-service “white-glove” experience. They work with every client collaboratively from the pretransfer evaluation through the commercial manufacturing phase.


JHS focuses on partnership and collaboration, working with the client to create solutions. Clients have access to JHS leadership and SMEs throughout the project.


JHS teams are innovative, imaginative, and creative when envisioning solutions for clients’ tech transfer.


JHS has the speedy response clients need when on a tight timeframe to complete a tech transfer.


JHS has the expertise to help prepare regulatory documents for approval as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.


Multiple teams work together at JHS to complete a high-quality, professional tech transfer to produce the highest quality product.

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Tech Transfer

There are many reasons behind the success, or failure, of a technology transfer. The transferring of knowledge, experience, documents, and processes involved in developing a drug product from the sponsor to the contract manufacturing organization (CMO) is complex. But at the center of this complexity is one critical role: project management in the tech transfer.

Adapting Equipment to Keep Pace with Demand

JHS applied innovative thinking. They rapidly identified alternatives, such as previously owned equipment that could adapt and qualify for manufacturing. JHS project managers and the tech transfer team also designed alternative solutions.

Re-Engineering a Complex Process for FDA Compliance

JHS acquired the tech transfer for a COVID-19 liquid suspension vaccine product that was approved for use internationally, but not within the US.

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