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At JHS, we are committed to investing in people and technology. Our Manufacturing Services and Technical support group is critical to the success of every project when it relates to process engineering.  Every project is supported by a dedicated process engineer, who is able to take our manufacturing process and integrate your process to provide a robust validated product. This, coupled with Jubilant’s best-in-class project management team, prepares us to fill your sterile ointment project while meeting your timelines with the highest standards of quality.


Our Arenco filler is equipped with RABS technology, clean in place (CIP), and a Becomix compounding vessel.

Bulk Capacity

Up to 240 kg

Validated For

2.5g – 4.5 g Tubes

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Sterile Ointments
Jubilant Pharmova announced today that the Government of Quebec, through its agent Investissement Quebec, is granting a loan of CAD 25 million, which includes a forgivable portion of CAD 6.3 million to fund the CAD 100 Mn capacity expansion at the CMO Montreal facility.
Sterile Injectable
Finding the right contract manufacturing organization partner to help navigate this scale-up can greatly simplify the process, but vetting CMOs for their capacity, expertise, and capabilities can pose its own unique challenge.
Expediting Cold Chain Supply Resources

A COVID-19 therapeutic product required a very large quantity of compounding materials to be stored under refrigerated conditions. The need was far greater than JHS’ existing capacity for cold storage given the scale of the pandemic.

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