Analytical Support Testing

Analytical quality control performs at a minimum identity of every component received and performs full compendial testing of all excipients sourced by JHS for your product.  In-process assays are performed as needed for in-process adjustments. Final container testing can be performed as needed for most analytical attributes.

Microbial quality control performs in-process bioburden as well as sterility testing on every batch. Endotoxin testing can be performed at either bulk or final container stages using automated turbidimetric methods.

Areas of Expertise

Analytical Chemistry

  • Basic Chemistry; HPLC
  • GC (FID, TCD, and NPD detectors)
  • Spectrophotometry (UV – Vis)

Microbiological Testing

  • Endotoxin
  • Bioburden
  • Sterility

Raw Material Testing

  • Testing APIs and bulk drug substances
  • Compendial raw material testing

Analytical Quality Control Services

  • In-process and drug product release testing
  • Analytical testing for stability samples
  • Analytical method qualification and transfer
  • Environmental monitoring

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Zero Deviations

COVID impacted the ability to acquire new or custom equipment in real time. JHS rapidly identified alternatives, such as previously owned equipment that could adapt and qualify for manufacturing, to successfully complete the project.

Ian Fuller

Jubilant HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Fuller as the new Vice President of Operations.

$92M Expansion

Jubilant HollisterStier, a wholly owned subsidiary of ultimate parent company Jubilant Pharmova Limited, announces $92M investment to expand sterile injectable manufacturing capacity at its site in Spokane, WA.

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